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Michael Stoller began his grappling career when he was 10 years old with his elementary school’s wrestling team. He wrestled competitively until 17 years old, earning many high school accolades, including participating in the IESA and IHSA State Wrestling Tournaments. At 19 years old, Michael transitioned his wrestling skills to mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Mike is a currently a Brown belt with a degree in Athletic Training from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and degrees in both Nursing and Kinesiology from Parkland College. With this extensive education in human anatomy, physiology, sports science, and human movement, he is the only instructor in the area that uses a scientific approach towards martial arts and fitness. Mike is an active competitor, most notably taking 3rd place at the No-Gi World Championships in 2021.

Favorite submission: Wrist lock

Head Instructor Michael Stoller


Kelly Tang has been a student with CU Jiu Jitsu since its inception in 2018. She has now been actively training BJJ for over four years and is currently a purple belt. In 2020 Kelly also started training kickboxing and Muay Thai, adding stand-up combat techniques to her martial arts arsenal. 

Kelly is a volunteer coach and mentor for new white belts, especially for women who have no prior martial arts background. She is passionate about getting more women involved in BJJ and kickboxing because she believes that it has given her an immense confidence boost, changing her outlook on life from "I'm scared" to "I can handle this." 


Outside of the gym, Kelly enjoys a wide variety of hobbies and interests, including: camping and hiking, travelling, food, video games, and watching trashy reality TV.

Favorite submission: Bow-and-arrow choke

Coach Kelly Tang


Sarah Roach is our women-only BJJ coach and instructor. She started training BJJ in 2018 in Tennessee and became intrigued by how she was able to control bigger people using technique. She moved to Illinois in November 2022 and has recently gotten back into full time training since becoming a mom last year. Before getting into jiu jitsu, Sarah was an avid rock climber and has translated several principles from climbing to grappling.


Although Sarah trains primarily from a self defense perspective, she is also extremely competitive. She entered into her first BJJ tournament after only six weeks of training because she enjoys testing herself and the feeling of adrenaline of competing. Having competing ten times, her most notable competition win qualified her to compete at the Submission Only World's Tournament.


Favorite submission: Arm bar

Why Choose CU Jiu Jitsu?

An Environment For Everyone

We believe what sets us apart from other schools in town is our dedication to building a positive environment focused on inclusivity. We are the only school in town that consistently holds women-only classes because we believe that it is important to provide a dedicated and safe space for women who are not yet comfortable grappling with men. 

Additionally, we stand firm in our belief that martial arts should accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender-identity, sexual orientation, religion, or body size/physical capabilities. Our goal is to provide a welcome environment that everyone can be comfortable in.

Social Events Outside The Gym

​We organize monthly school events like trips to amusement parks, movie theater outings, cookouts, float trips, camping, bouldering, team dinners, and more. Not only does this allow our members to know each other outside of the gym, we also enjoy supporting other local small businesses. We strive to foster and build lifelong connections because we recognize the importance of having a strong community. 

No Egos Allowed

Respect is one of our core values. We don't tolerate ego-training here, which leads to a lack of respect for others and increases risks of injuries. We encourage healthy competitiveness in our athletes, but at the end of the day we lift ourselves up by lifting those around us, not by tearing them down.

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