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Elite BJJ: Recently I got an Elite Starter Gi in Black with red accents. I ordered an A1 Size and it fit true mostly. I did have to wash it and dry it hot to shrink it just a bit for my personal liking. It's not very heavy and does have a comfortable feel. It moves freely and is not very stiff. I think for the money, this is a good buy and I would continue to recommend this gi to beginners and veterans a like. -Coach Mike (Not currently sponsored) Here are some links to their product sites should you be interested:

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We had a wonderful night at our school cook-out! At first the weather looked threatening with thunder and lightening spotted at 3:30pm, and the forecast predicted extremely hot temperatures, but the stars aligned for us and it turned out to be perfect weather. The sky cleared and it felt great outside.

Thank you to everyone to came and especially those who brought food to share. David's barbequed ribs, Hameed's barbeque tofu, and Aramide's banana bread were especially popular.

We love when our CU BJJ family gets together outside of the mats. Many people stayed past 8pm, playing games and hanging out. We had a lot of fun and we look forward to the next event!!!

-Kelly & Mike

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